Elmira Home Elevator

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Elmira: It’s About Convenience

The compact design of our Elmira fits virtually any new or existing home. Very affordable with low maintenance costs, the Elmira is far more economical than you might expect. With a vast array of design choices, the Elmira isn’t reserved for just stately mansions or palatial estates. You owe it to yourself to explore how easily the Elmira can fit into your home, budget and style.

Elmira Special Features
  • Safety Edge Cab – includes an infrared light curtain on the cab edge for increased hoistway protection
  • Custom cab configurations and operational aids for occupants with special needs
  • Integrated safety locks protect against landing doors opening without the cab present
  • Versatile design, fits even the tightest floor plans
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Emergency battery back-up feature provides lowering, lighting and door unlocking in the event of a power outage
  • 3-Year Limited Factory Parts Warranty
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